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All Choice Comes From Love

© 2002 Jeremy Youst

CHOICE is the ability to be free to live in each moment with full awareness.  It offers direction, empowerment and self-awareness.  To choose is to realize the essence of LOVE that lives in every moment.  It is as much the result of inner inspiration as it is from outer assessment.  Born out of duality, all choice is based upon a desire to grow and to understand the connection between inner and outer experience.  All choice flows from the initial inspiration of Divine Oneness to know itself.   All choice comes from LOVE.

A desire for freedom is Love’s choice to BE with itself.  A desire for growth is Love’s choice to expand itself.  A desire for joy is Love’s choice to express itself.  Freedom, growth and joy, these are the elements in the playground of love, and will be found at the heart of every choice.  Any choice made, however, will always guide the soul home.

Every day is filled with thousands of choices.  Every choice is also an opportunity to remember love’s desire.  For at the heart of every choice is the chance to embrace the journey of co-creation, the dance of God’s will.  With every choice in this world, there is a risk involved, and that risk is the willingness to face an uncertain outcome.  With every risk, however, there is triumph.  With every journey taken, there is a lesson learned.

Choice irrevocably expands awareness.  Awareness expands as thoughts are reflected in reality.  Engaging in reality, we experience our lives and each experience deepens our understanding of ourselves.   Our ability to make new choices grows with every experience.  Love is what happens when experience teaches us what we already know: that every choice has been made perfectly.

There has never been and can never be a wrong choice.  Each choice made, consciously or unconsciously, is made first out of love.  Love seeks new experience to be, expand and express itself, regardless of what the mind thinks.  Every choice is perfectly initiated.  Every choice is perfectly executed.  Regardless of outcome, love is always the original intent.  When we realize this, we come home to peace. And when our hearts are at peace, we can then see that all choice comes from love.