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Live Event – Water Breathing in Nature

IMG_0292One of the most powerful ways to experience your own breath is to consciously breathe while floating in water – it returns you to a primordial amniotic state wherein your very body and life was shaped… To join in a circle of safety while conscious breathing in the weightlessness of water melts all separation; you have the opportunity to reconnect with and integrate your authentic self and sense of being. Guided safely through this experience, you’ll be encouraged to remember and reprioritize the evolutionary direction of your life and then fold your weekend experience into your day to day life. 

In this weekend workshop you will experience conscious breathing in both in warm and cold water. By bringing your body in contact with warm water you are neurologically drawn to your birth experience; by cooling your body temperature down in cold water, you come face-to-face with humanities core issue: separation from oneness. Time will be spent between breathing sessions integrating and grounding your experience.

The added benefit of this weekend retreat offers you the opportunity to immerse in one of the most beautiful times to be in nature in New England, and to enjoy heart to heart, deep connection with a tribe of like minded people.

Who: This retreat is for anyone interested in having this experience, no prior experience necessary, however if you haven’t experienced conscious breathing before we ask you contact Jeremy ( before you register. This retreat is also appropriate for experienced breathworkers who want to include water breathing into their work.

When:  August 13 – 14, Saturday, 10am – 6pm, Sunday, 9am – 5 pm

Cost: $325, includes vegetarian lunch

What to bring: Bathing suit, towel(s), clothes for being outdoors, walking shoes, sunscreen. Optional: Water shoes, snorkel, short wetsuit, nose clips.

There are limited spots for this retreat to maximize personal support for your sessions.