Free Live and Experiential Webinar/Info Session Reveals...

How to use Mutual Relationality, or the WE space to make your work as a practitioner even more satisfying and effective, and your clients experience even more profound.

Join our FREE webinar/info session and learn how becoming a certified
Somatic Breath Healing practitioner and using Relational Mutuality can help the people you work with recover from stress, anxiety, pain and trauma
and live with more peace, balance, energy and relaxation.

Join us and learn why the field's top breath practitioner Jeremy Youst believes Somatic Breath Healing is the most effective, up-and-coming tool for growth, healing and trauma integration available.

  • Somatic Breath Healing uses breath awareness, breath techniques, and the power of humans breathing together (Relational Mutuality) to get results.
  • Somatic Breath Healing can be integrated into any body-mind healing practice, including massage, energy work, somatic psychotherapy, professional coaching, spiritual or pastoral counseling, and can be used with or without touch
  • The Practitioner Certification Training is a safe, experiential learning lab to support you to develop both professionally and personally

This webinar is both didactic and experiential and will include:

How Somatic Breath Healing helps with stress, anxiety, pain and trauma.
What Relational Mutuality is, and why it's revolutionizing healing
Breath and Relational Mutuality exercises to experience yourself
Overview to the Somatic Breath Healing Practitioner Certification training program

Join our FREE 90-minute webinar/info session and learn how to access the power of Mutual Relationality and take your work to the next level.



  • Tuesday February 27, 2018
  • 7:00 pm Eastern Time

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