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Are you ready to take control of your life? Are you looking for something fast and effective to help you overcome stress, pain, anxiety or trauma? If so, Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

What is Somatic Breath Therapy?

We’re all born knowing how to breathe, but our frenzied lives can lead to constricted breathing making us feel as if we’re running on fumes, not fresh air that allows us to thrive. Somatic Breath Therapy is a highly sophisticated form of conscious breathing that teaches you how to breathe fully, getting more oxygen to your brain and body, helping you to:

  • take back control of your life
  • recharge your energy to have more passion for what really matters
  • reduce stress, anxiety, pain and panic
  • focus your attention
  • relax and sleep better
  • recover from PTSD and trauma
  • become more aware of your body, thoughts and feelings and feel better in your own skin
  • worry less, feel more peaceful and connected
  • integrate leftover “stuff” from your past that stops you from being present

It also helps you step back from emotional reactions and access the intelligence of your own body-mind, and establish new patterns and responses in your life. Somatic Breath Therapy consciously utilizes one of the simplest and yet most efficient, balancing and integrative mechanisms of the body, the human respiratory system. Everyone breathes. Once you learn this tool you have it for life, and you never forget how to use it.

Somatic Breath Therapy is direct, experiential, easy to learn, immediately felt and successful with anyone who has conscious volition over their own breath. It augments, enhances and works beautifully with almost every other therapeutic tool, modality or technique. Read more about Somatic Breath Therapy.

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“Jeremy is the Mozart of breathwork. In 26 years of watching clients breathe and working with many breath specialists, I have never met another practitioner with a more finely tuned, intuitive sense of the breath. Jeremy's ability to see challenges and possibilities in breathing patterns is truly astounding. He has made all the difference for me and others who have been gifted to work with him. His tools change lives.” - Hunter Flournoy, MS, LPC

"Awareness of breath is fundamental to all consciousness work, and so is a sound and trustable guide. Jeremy Youst is such a guide. His many years of work with breath will open up new territory in your awareness, your body, and your path to awakening." - Diane Musho Hamilton

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About Our Company

The Power of Breath Institute founded and directed by Jeremy Youst offers Somatic Breath Therapy, practical skills to individuals who want to incorporate conscious breathing into their lives to overcome what gets in the way of living fully and freely.

We offer private sessions, personal intensives, evening, or weekend workshops both live and virtually. Our recently updated professional track is aimed at mental health clinicians, massage therapists, alternative practitioners, etc. who want to incorporate breath into their work. This can be done through live or virtual classes, workshops, or through our our Somatic Breath Coach training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

More about our company
The first year of our program is called Empowerment Training, which can be taken as a stand-alone program for anyone who wants a life-changing, heart-centered experience of healing, transformation and integration. For those interested in becoming certified they can go on to our Practitioner Certification program, accredited through the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. This is a rigorous, didactic and experiential training focusing on the specific skills needed to safely deliver this therapeutic tool in conjunction with other therapies. The curriculum is grounded in Mindfulness, neurobiology, somatic psychotherapy and Polyvagal theory, and is delivered within a safe, relational, well- facilitated container. A unique component of SBT is the acknowledgment and nurturance of the mutual ‘we’ space, the highly attuned relationship between client and practitioner.

Over seven years, POBI has certified over 35 practitioners. Jeremy as trained in various methods of breathwork, from Rebirthing, to Transformational Breath, Holotropic, and the Butekyo method. Somatic Breath Therapy has evolved from the most efficacious aspects of Rebirthing breathwork, Transformational Breathwork, and Therapeutic Breathwork.

POBI's profound commitment to a walk the talk therapeutic approach and healthy embodiment has made it not only successful in accompanying thousands of individuals on their healing journeys, but also has state-of-the-art curriculum for breathwork practitioners. Our style of training and empowerment is dedicated to a small group process and integration work utilizing a heart – centered approach. Our trainers have extensive knowledge of the art and science of breathwork from stress release to trauma therapy to non-ordinary states of consciousness including the latest breakthroughs in science and consciousness research. We emphasize the importance of continuing education, and a personal commitment to self and professional development. We affirm the importance of spirituality as a key aspect of how people give meaning and purpose to their lives and integrate challenges.

Who does Somatic Breath Therapy help, and how is it done?
People all over the globe have found in SBT a powerful tool for dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma, addiction, relationship and other life issues.

SBT can be done individually with a trained practitioner, in groups, or on your own once you learn the skill. It can be learned over the course of several sessions, or in a group class. Once learned, like riding a bike, it's never forgotten by the body, brain and mind.

What makes Somatic Breath Therapy unique?
1. SBT goes beyond traditional breathwork by helping people recover an open and healthy breath and experience the extraordinary psychological and physical benefits of that breath in their daily life.

2. SBT builds on the power of Mindfulness as a beneficial tool for self regulation and self-improvement.

3. SBT can be delivered using touch, or not, depending on the client, provider and situation. SBT doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach.

4. We support our clients in re-engaging with their body's stories in a safe, consciously-interactive, emotionally-supportive and energetically-integrative environment. We work through facilitated breathing sessions, each session customized by an experienced practitioner. We believe that healing does not necessarily require the client to re-experience any trauma.

5. Our practitioners ‘walk the talk’ beginning with their own breath. We breathe – they breathe: we teach our practitioners to synchronize their body awareness with their clients’ by breathing with them during key moments in the session. This allows them to enter into a emotionally and somatically attuned relationship.

6. Above all else, we embrace and collaborate with the presence of a “third thing”, which we call Body Breathing Interactive Intelligence (sometimes referred to as Spirit of Breath) as an integral aspect that guides the maximum healing benefit.

7. We make an important distinction between authentic emotional release and dramatic expression, authentic release can produce lasting healing, while dramatic expression only offers a temporary reduction of emotional intensity. We train our practitioners to know the difference.

8. SBT addresses both the clients' state of consciousness - the 'aha's or insights or understandings that are triggered by therapeutic or growth inducing experiences - and the clients stage of development represented by the actual markers of development we all grow through. For example, once a child learns to walk, it can always walk. Once you reach a stage of development, you can always access the qualities of that stage. We believe the key to sustained healing and transformation comes from addressing both a person’s state of consciousness and their stage of development.

9. SBT addresses therapeutic concerns such as re-traumatization, transference, countertransference, ethical practice standards, referral, and establishing a safe and empathic therapeutic container.

Click here to read the full report on the core principles of Somatic Breath Therapy.

How do I find a certified practitioner?
All of our practitioners are certified and comply with the GPBA (Global Professional Breathwork Alliance) training and ethical standards. For a directory of POBI certified practitioners click here. Jeremy is also available for in-person sessions and Skype session. To inquire email Jeremy

Words of Praise for Somatic Breath Therapy

Rachael Walter talks about how SBT helped her to overcome anxiety, became the person she wants to be, and now lives from her heart.

Bobbie Ellis talks about how SBT helped her have more fulfilling relationships.

Hunter Flournoy, practicing therapist talks about how SBT has opened up his own life, and is a powerful therapeutic force for his clients' healing.

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KarenChadbourneCTaniaPalermo2014_WEB_READY-6"Before finding Jeremy and Somatic Breath Therapy, I had already found great success in many areas. I lived a comfortable lifestyle. I had experienced much success in the business world as well as in spiritual communities. But once I began my journey with breath, something extraordinary began to happen. Something shifted in a place within me that I didn’t know existed. The best way that I can describe this is in how I now live my life. I am lighter, not taking myself or everything so seriously. I experience people, places and things from the vantage point of an open and wise and hugely loving heart… Whereas my mind used to rule my behavior; now my heart speaks to me. And I hear it… Jeremy’s trainings brought me here. In my counseling work, introducing Breath as an intervention has visibly broken down barriers, deepened the therapeutic relationship, and accelerated my clients’ healing. I suggest you give yourself what could be the greatest gift of your life!" www.karenchadbourne.com

Karen Chadbourne, M.S. in Counseling December 29, 2014

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