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Personal Empowerment Breathwork and Practitioner Certification Training

The Power of Breath Institute specializes in delivering high integrity Therapeutic Breathwork training to individuals and professionals who wish to become certified breathworkers through its 2-year training program. The first year of this program is called Empowerment Training – Empowerment Training can be taken as a stand alone program for anyone who wants a life-changing , heart-centered, walk the talk experience of healing, transformation and integration.

Current Offerings from the Power of Breath Institute

  • Practitioner Certification Training (PCT)Next Program starts February 2015 Learn more
  • Empowerment Training: Open to all, this can be a stand alone program or the first year of Practitioner Training. Next program starts April 2015Learn more Check us out at our SAMPLE WEEKEND, January 31 – February 1, 2015 Learn more here
  • Private Sessions or Personal Intensives with Jeremy Youst – a private session or, mini-workshop to introduce you to Therapeutic Breathwork, or deepen your personal work. Learn more
    New! Skype sessions with Jeremy now available
  • Advanced Practitioner Training – continuing education retreats for all practicing breathworkers – Next Session, October 25-26, 2014- Learn more


Welcome to the Power of Breath Institute

Are you happy with your life? Do you know that how you breathe reflects how you live? Check in with yourself right now… Are you breathing fully and easily, feeling relaxed, joyful and mostly present? Or are you barely breathing, your chest tight, feeling tense, anxious and mostly dissatisfied? Right now – are you really, truly breathing and living life the way you want to be?

What is breathwork? Breathwork or conscious, connected breathing is an extraordinary tool you can quickly incorporate into your day-to-day life in order to improve the way you experience your self, others and the world. It will empower, heal and reclaim your life!

Who are we? The Power of Breath Institute, co-founded and directed by Jeremy Youst is a high integrity, premier breathwork training school for individuals who want to learn how to incorporate conscious breathing into their lives, and for individuals who want to become internationally certified breathwork practitioners.  The Power of Breath Institute offers private sessions, personal intensives, evening, or weekend workshops, a life-changing nine-month Empowerment Training, and an internationally accredited Practitioner Certification Training program.

How will breathwork help me?

“Practicing breathwork has made an incredible impact in so many areas of my life. It helps me move more gracefully through transitions by reducing stress and increasing my clarity about my goals. And most importantly, it helps me open my heart wider and wider and stay connected to my spiritual source. It has been the biggest gift of my life.” Anna Maria Tocci

  • Get a handle on STRESS – Stress is the number one challenge in our society. Isn’t time you actually learned an effective way to deal with it, FEEL the change inside, instead of just thinking or talking about it?
  • Correct old breathing habits – How you breathe effects everything in your life – did anyone ever teach you how to breathe CORRECTLY? Isn’t it time you learned?
  • Get more ENERGY – MOST of the energy you need to live (some say 70 %!) comes from the air you breathe not just the food you eat.  More breath means more energy – it’s that simple.
  • Resolve the painful story of your past – The most common thing I hear in my breathwork therapy sessions is, “I thought I worked through that already!” Your body knows better than your mind when it’s really free from the past. How would you like to LIVE from a new perspective, not just THINK from one?
  • Feel better EMOTIONALLY – Difficult feelings can be one of the hardest things to deal with, yet few have found ways to really change how we feel.  Breathwork goes to the CORE of the feeling – the root belief – and helps to change it – permanently. So we feel different inside.
  • Connect with others – Do you feel alone? Do you feel lonely in a crowd?  Connecting the breath helps you feel connected – helps you to FEEL you are a part of something bigger than yourself. We all share the same air – doing it consciously helps you to remember your place in the world.
  • Connect with your Higher Power – Breath is Spirit. Throughout history, the breath has been linked to the presence of Spirit (the word for breath in Greek is spiritus).  As you breathe more fully, you bring a greater sense of Spirit into your life.  It just happens naturally.
  • Expand personal awareness – Most of us are barely present, worrying about this or that, in the past, in the future.  Breath happens NOW.  Freely up our energy from past painful emotions through breathwork helps us to STAY present and be more aware of what is happening right in front of us.  How would you like to be more present to the beauty of the world right NOW?
  • Invest in Yourself and Take Meaningful Action on Your Life – Feeling good is one thing – but in this world we have to DO things to really make a difference.  Breathwork empowers you to reduce the resistance you feel to take action on your life – it helps you have the strength and conviction to do the things you want to do.

Improve Your Sense of Well-Being

What is it really like when you FEEL BETTER? You feel grateful; you appreciate things. You take the time to love. You are thankful, patient and generous and have a sense of loving-kindness toward yourself and the world around you. These are the qualities that I have noticed in the students and graduates of breathwork – they are just happier about things in general.

We invite you to explore our website. Take a look at our current program schedule; find out how this simple, yet powerful tool is changing lives. Read our articles; check out our resources for healthy living; but, most importantly, take a deep breath and discover what thousands of joyful, purposeful people have already learned – that the key to happiness is right under your nose!

Empower, Heal and Reclaim Your Life