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the 3 Anti-Stress Solutions to calm your nervous system, build resilience and support healing in a stressful and chaotic world.

Help yourself and your clients get out of the red zone and into an optimal state of relaxed awareness, integration, connection, and wellbeing.

Join us for this pre-recorded webinar and experience Somatic Breath Therapist and coach Jeremy Youst explore the 3 Anti-Stress Solutions for helping you and your clients calm, integrate and heal the big and little traumas that keep us from a fully engaged and expressive life.

  • Solution #1 - Breath Awareness - If you want to change the impact of stress, Breath Awareness is the key to regulating your nervous system and changing how your body feels and responds.
  • Solution #2 - Foundational Breath Techniques - Correct maladaptive stress/breathing patterns, tap into your body's native intelligence and use your breath as medicine.
  • Solution # 3 - Deep Breath Relationality - Overcome disconnection and loneliness by discovering how the power of breath supports your relationship to your body, your self, others and the world. As a practitioner, explore how to use your own body and breath as sensitive diagnostic tools to guide your work with others.

This is not your typical webinar that promises a one-size-fits-all solution. Every body is different; everyone's breath is different. We will offer sensitive, insightful teaching, tools and experiences based on thousands of hours working with clients.

Beyond that, we will share the ways in which Somatic Breath Coaching and Therapy add a set of powerful tools and open up new possibilities for even greater personal and/or professional satisfaction, as you guide yourself or your clients back to wholeness.

You will learn about:

  • The 3 Anti-Stress Solutions
  • How the 3 Anti-Stress Solutions can improve your therapeutic sensitivity and resiliency
  • How Somatic Breath Coaching and Therapy is safe and effective for nearly everyone (because it's not a one-size-fits-all solution)
  • Live Q&A with Jeremy
  • You'll get an audio recording of the webinar the next day

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Webinar Leader

Jeremy Youst is the Founder and Director of the internationally accredited Power of Breath Institute. Jeremy’s commitment to a ‘walk the talk’ approach and healthy embodiment informs his state-of-the-art, heart centered curriculum to train and certify breath coaches and practitioners. He is a master breath practitioner and a driving force behind bringing breathwork that is integrally informed and grounded in science into the 21st century.