Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

For Individuals

Wholehearted Doing Takes Wholehearted Being

the Power of Breath to Heal, Transform and Inspire the Best in You

We are human beings, not human doings. In our full on, 21st century lives we often feel disconnected and long for meaningful connection and soulful living. We call this wholehearted being. Wholehearted being means you have the capacity to live your life fully, with authenticity, courage, compassion, where you embrace all of who you are as a unique individual and in relationship with others.

By learning conscious, connected therapeutic breathing you open the doorway to living wholeheartedly. Opening your breath integrates whatever is unresolved from your past allowing you to create sustained health and vitality in your body, mind and spirit. You enter into a deeper relationship with yourself and others by tapping into a unique kind of intelligence you already possess. You can then translate the deep internal changes into a life well-lived, and become free to share your gifts with the world as a wholehearted being.

Are you someone who’s ever felt like there’s something in the way of living your life present and fully alive yet you haven’t quite put your finger on what’s missing or wrong?

All of our programs are designed for people who know inside there is something more to life than a relationship, a family, a job or a pension plan. Our programs are created for individuals who what more and are willing to commit themselves to a path of inner growth and self-empowerment.

Do you intrinsically feel that in order to truly heal or live to your full potential you need to engage a body-mind practice or therapy?

Somatic Breath Therapy is one of the planets leading methodologies for integrating all aspects of being, body, mind and spirit. It’s a powerful tool based in the principle of self-empowerment. Everyone breathes.

Have you ever felt lonely or isolated and can’t seem to find the people or support you need to make significant changes in your life?

Most of us are starved for connection. The Power of Breath Institute’s programs use the power and presence of group-mind within a safe setting to help students reconnect with themselves and others in a powerful and loving way. We establish a Culture of Loving Connection that serves as a basis for deepening understanding and reclaiming the Self that leads to true inner empowerment and expression.

Do you know you have a mission in life but haven’t found it yet?

The Power of Breath Institute’s personal and professional training programs are recognized by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) and are dedicated to providing the cutting edge of spiritual and therapeutic empowerment in safe, relational settings that encourage deep self growth. We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards as established by the GPBA.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to take the next step there are many ways to do that. We offer private sessions or personal intensives, either in person or via Skype, or you can take a deep dive and join our Power to Heal 3 weekend retreat (click the button below to learn more). And, you can always contact Jeremy to talk about which option is best for you. To contact Jeremy: or call 603.903.3251

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