Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

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Mental Health Clinicians, Massage Therapists, Nurses,
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Healing Trauma with the Power of Breath

Integrate Somatic Breath Therapy Into Your Work In A Safe, Powerful And Effective Way To Improve Client Outcomes And Increase Your Satisfaction

Every healing professional questions their effectiveness and often times dreads feeling like they've run aground with a challenging client. With Mindfulness making its way into mainstream health delivery, new possibilities have opened up to help clients relax, respond to treatment and resolve difficult life issues. When you introduce conscious, connected breathing you add a powerful somatic element, bridging the mind-body gap and improving your ability to make tangible progress.

Conscious breathing or Somatic Breathing, like Mindfulness, supports the essential brain changes necessary for integration and sustained healing. As an added benefit, Somatic Breathing as part of your own self-care creates more effective interpersonal communication and resonance helping you to become a more attuned provider.

The Power of Breath Institute specializes in delivering Somatic Breath Therapy training to individuals and professionals who wish to use this method both personally and in their work with clients. We offer classes, weekend workshops, and virtual learning programs. Our programs are grounded in Mindfulness, neurobiology, somatic psychotherapy and Polyvagal theory and are rigorous, experiential and didactic focusing on the skills needed to safely deliver this therapeutic tool in conjunction with other therapies or modalities.

Have you ever wanted to help people, to be a healer or practitioner, but haven't found a real way to do that without devoting years to an expensive education?

Utilizing this powerful self-help tool, connected breathing, The POBI's Somatic Breath Coach training teaches you to use conscious breathing and self-discovery to empower others.

Are you a counselor, mental health worker, nurse, massage therapist, alternative practitioner who has felt frustrated by the limitations of your work and sensed all along that there was a mind-body therapy that could transform people's lives in shorter amounts of time and work in more effective ways?

Many of the participants who come to the POBI’s training programs do so with the intent to enhance their practices and dramatically improve their professional effectiveness. The intimate size, length and depth of this 8 month program will provide you with the opportunity to expand and develop your existing practice with the tools and techniques that can then be used with your clients at your own discretion.

Do you know you have a mission in life but haven't found it yet?

The Power of Breath Institute's personal and professional training programs are recognized by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) and are dedicated to providing the cutting edge of spiritual and therapeutic empowerment in safe, relational settings that encourage deep self growth. We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards as established by the GPBA.

Where do I start?

If you are ready to take the next step there are many ways to do that. We offer private sessions or personal intensives, either in person or via Skype. You can attend our webinar series or you can take a deep dive and join our Practitioner Training (click the buttons below to learn more). And, you can always contact Jeremy to talk about which option is best for you. To contact Jeremy: or call 603.903.3251.


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