A 30 minute guided audio experience for people who are stressed out, anxious,
have an overactive mind and just need some help calming their nervous system

Listen anytime you want to: de-stress, relax, sleep, or simply let go...

Rachael Walter

"Thank you!! This guided visualization brought me to a level of deep relaxation and calmness in my body and my mind.  I literally felt the tensions in my body fall away as I gained awareness and breathed more deeply.  I found Jeremy's voice to be gentle and calming, while giving clear instructions to help me relax and enter a state of deep peace. This calm state remained with me for a while afterward."

Rachael Walter

Hi, I'm Jeremy Youst. After 40+ years in the personal development and self-help field, I have dedicated myself to helping people recover from the effects of stress, anxiety and trauma so that they can live the lives they are meant to live. One of the many things I’ve learned in helping people to recover is the importance of first calming down their overactive nervous system.

What's one of the fastest ways? You can get calm using your breath.

In this audio I will lead you through a series of gentle exercises designed to do just that; induce a state of calm. The idea is to retrain your body to access your the calming portion of your nervous system at will.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, or overwhelmed, you can breathe in this new way. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, and practice - it becomes something you won’t forget.

You can use this program as many times as you want. Think of it as a stress rescue kit. Start the day with it; listen right before you go to sleep. Once you listen to it a few times and learn the breathing patterns, you can use them in your day to day life, anytime, anywhere.

These Features Are All Included

  • Recorded Audio mp3

    Unlimited access to the audio files. Listen online or download to your own device. Once you purchase you have instant access, forever.

  • Convenient Access

    Listen anywhere you can get on the internet. You will get a special link to access the recording, or of course, you can download to your own device to listen.

  • Direct Access to the Content

    The 13 minute introduction with instructions are in a separate audio file so once you hear them you have the option to skip right to the 30 minute guided experience.

  • Tried and Tested

    Exercises are designed from the experience gained from over 6000 client session hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of frequently asked questions from our customers

  • q-iconWhat happens after I buy?

    Once you click buy, you’ll be redirected to a secure page to enter your credit card info. Once you do you’ll receive an email with access to your audio recording.

  • q-iconDo I need any special equipment?

    No special equipment is required, you can play the audio from a webpage, or download it to your own device. Using headphones is optional.

  • q-iconHow do you recommend I use the audio

    You can listen anytime you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You can use it as a part of your regular self-care practice or use it to start one. We recommend you clear distractions, get comfortable, and plug in.

  • q-iconWill I notice the benefits right away?

    Yes, if you follow the instructions. It’s a mindfulness practice, the more you train yourself to focus and practice the more benefit you will get.

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