Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

PCT- Practitioner Certification Training


 The Practitioner Certification Training (PCT) is a 20+ day intensive training that is both didactic and experiential, designed for professionals or non-professionals interested in becoming a certified Somatic Breath Therapy practitioner or for individuals simply wanting to learn about the benefits of incorporating conscious breathing into an existing practice or path.

Our mission is to build and support the competencies necessary to provide high-quality somatic healing to assist clients to achieve and sustain positive growth and meaningful change.

Our unique approach prioritizes the establishment of a resonant therapeutic container, which we believe is as important as the tools you use within it. Meaning, healing is potentiated and sustainable when held in a safe and well-attuned relational field between the client and practitioner.

Therefore, our unique practitioner training process places emphasis on:

  • Mastery and development of your own somatic awareness, emotional intelligence and a loving way of being, so you can increase your empathic sensitivity, interpersonal resonance and therapeutic responsiveness.
  • Learning the conceptual frameworks and somatic skills necessary to experience and deliver safe and effective Somatic Breath Therapy, as well as making room for releasing the traumas, beliefs and unlearning body-mind habits that no longer serve.
  • Well supported and supervised hands on practice with fellow students and demo clients during the course of the training.

About the 2017 Practitioner Certification Training:

During our initial time together we will create a safe group container, what I call a Culture of Loving Connection, in order to establish safety for our selves, effectiveness in learning and earned trust while we all develop and improve the skills and methodologies necessary for qualified, therapeutic intervention and facilitation.

By the third weekend, the practicum component of the training engages more deeply – students begin working with demo clients, supervised by POBI staff, and are encouraged to begin integrating their new skills.

Even though the emphasis of this training is professional, any comprehensive somatic training program requires participation as fully as possible.

PCT Intentions:

  • To create a Sacred Circle of Empowerment for students and trainers within which we will establish a conscious and working Culture of Loving Connection.
  • Development of a structure of support for each student, (self-practice, buddy system and trainer supervision) within which to assist you during the program period.
  • To provide clearly defined expectations for certification as outlined below in the Training Agreements.
  • Establish a supervision and resource network within the larger, national/global community for the purpose of offering and receiving support, guidance and continuing education for your development and interaction as practitioners.
  • To provide you with a comprehensive training that is accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA).

Curriculum and Program Details

The 2017 PCT will meet 5 times, in person between September 2017 and February 2018 at the Broadwing Breath Center in Spofford NH. There are also 4 video conferences online, on Thursday evenings (dates to be announced) from 7-8:30 pm (Eastern time). The 20 training days and 4 video conferences are required for completion and certification.

In person training dates:

Time: Thursday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm

September 21-24, 2017

October 26-29

November 30 – Dec 3

January 11-14, 2018

February 8-11, 2018

Training Curriculum:

RETREAT I – Empowerment: Becoming a ‘Presence of LOVE’ with Everyone You Work With

  • Welcome, opening circle and introductions
  • How to get the most from this training
  • Introduction to Trans-Tending: 4 Foundations of Empowerment
  • Introduction to Somatic Breath Therapy
  • Creating a safe, heart-centered, intentional community
  • Foundation of Empowerment # 1 – Attend: Attention (East-SPIRIT-Fire) Awareness, Presence and LOVE
  • Key Elements of Somatic Breath Therapy (SBT) I
  • Breath Inquiries: Discovering your own breath language
  • Takeaways and closing circle

RETREAT II – Working the Garden: Beliefs, Patterns and the End of Story

  • Welcome and opening circle
  • Foundation of Empowerment #2 Intend: Intention (South-HEART-Water) Relationality, Resonance and Choice
  • The Art of Attunement and the Realm of Relationality
  • Key Elements of SBT II
  • The End of Story
  • Getting What You Want: The Four Qualities of Intention
  • Breath Inquiries: Discovering your own breath language
  • Preparing for individual client sessions
  • Takeaways and closing circle

RETREAT III – Cycles of Growth: How the Breath is Able to Heal Trauma

  • Welcome and opening circle
  • Somatic Breath Coaching vs. Somatic Breath Therapy
  • Foundation of Empowerment #3, part 1 Extend: Action (West-BODY-Earth) Instruction, Intervention and Change
  • What is Trauma – the Little “t’s” and Big “T’s”
  • How Your Body Keeps the Score – the Impact of Trauma
  • 9 Essentials of an SBT Session
  • Key Elements of SBT III
  • Trauma Triage and the Integrity of Intervention
  • Taking Responsibility: The Art of Relational Resonance
  • Takeaways and closing circle

 RETREAT IV – Integration: Harvesting and Weaving it All Together

  • Welcome and opening circle
  • Foundation of Empowerment #3, part 2 Extend: ACTION (West-BODY-Earth)
  • 9 Steps Unwinding the Respiratory System
  • Key Elements of SBT IV
  • Foundation of Empowerment #4, Part 1 Transcend: Integration (North-MIND-Air) Surrender, Interconnection and Responsibility
  • Awakening guidance and the Wheel of Inner Knowing
  • Affirming each other through Soul Connection Breathing I
  • Takeaways and closing circle

RETREAT V – Responsibility: Feeding the World by Healing One Heart at a Time

  • Welcome and opening circle
  • Taking Refuge: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha
  • Foundation of Empowerment #4, Part 2 Transcend: Integration (North-MIND-Air) Surrender, Interconnection and Responsibility
  • Key Elements of SBT V
  • Ethics and professionalism in somatic work
  • How to build your practice – the business end of things
  • Demo testing and final exam
  • Review of electronic PCT transcripts
  • Soul Connection Breathing II
  • Completion and Pipe Ceremony

Training Process:

We firmly believe that becoming a self-aware, masterful and confident practitioner is anchored in a combination of developing each person personally as well as professionally, hence our commitment to ‘walking the talk’. To this end we’ve designed each of the 5 training sessions to mirror the 4 Foundations of Empowerment: Attend, Intend, Extend and Transcend.

We’re intending to follow this format during each retreat to maximize and support your learning:

Daily Focus

Day 1 (Attend) – Focus is on learning the new skills and perspectives in the curriculum. We will fill your cup.

Day 2 (Intend) – Focus is on the impact of the previous days learning on you, how is this all landing?

Day 3 (Extend) – Focus is on practicing the skills you’re learning. Putting what you’re learning into action in our learning lab.

Day 4 (Transcend) – Focus is on integrating your learning and experiences and prepare to take it home with you.


During the training period each student is expected to:

  • Engage with 4 practice clients during the course of the training as outlined in the Training Agreements
  • Maintain notes and documentation of client sessions and your learning progress
  • Schedule buddy sessions with your assigned buddy
  • Have 5 personal sessions (in person or via Skype with Jeremy) over the course of the training period (a additional fee is charged for these sessions)


Course Fee: $3450 to be paid in full by September 21, 2017. We offer a prepay tuition of $3150 if payment is made in full by July 31, 2017

Tuition includes:

  • 20 in person training days
  • 4 video conferences
  • Vegetarian lunch and snack each training day
  • All course documents and materials which are provided online on a private course portal
  • Certified Somatic Breath Therapist certificate, once all program requirements are completed within 6 months of the end of the training

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the small group nature of this program, we are unable to give refunds or transfer payments under any circumstances. Once enrolled, full payment is expected even if you withdraw from the program before the program ends.

Location and Accommodations:

All trainings are held in Spofford, NH at the Broadwing Breath Center
45 Stones Mill Rd., Spofford, NH 03462.

Indoor/outdoor ‘camping style’ (bring your own bedding, sleeping bag, towels, etc.) is available for $15/night. Here’s information about the Broadwing Breath Center.
We will provide a listing of local accommodations.

Application Process:

Your willingness to commit to the entire training, and to maintain self-responsibility and accountability to the trainers and the training group.

  1. Email a short letter of Intention and Commitment (a short statement indicating your intention to fully participating in this program).
  2. Equivalency – Students who have not graduated from a foundation POBI training (Empowerment Training, Power to Heal,  Somatic Breath Coach Training) may apply for recognition of prior learning by completing an Equivalency Form. We ask you to document a minimum of 150 hours in an appropriately related course of study and be able to demonstrate a long-term commitment to personal growth and include this with your email.
  3. Also, for students applying for equivalency, we require a phone interview with Jeremy, to establish the program is a good fit, both ways.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of $350 (or payment in full), once accepted into the program we will charge you the tuition balance if you only paid a deposit.
  5. Signed Training Agreement Form
  6. Once we’ve received the above and accepted you into the program, we will send you information about what to bring and how to prepare for the training.

Click here for the downloadable Training Agreements required for certification. Most of them are self-explanatory, and we review them in detail during the first weekend.
Click here for a downloadable Equivalency Form.

To make your non-refundable deposit of $350, or your payment in full, please use the links below.
Or you can mail a check payable to:

Power of Breath Institute
45 Stones Mill Rd.
Spofford NH 03462

Click here to Pay your $350, non refundable deposit:

Click here to pay your $3150 tuition by 7/31/17 (prepay discount, includes $350 non refundable deposit)

Click here to pay your $3450 tuition



For more information contact:
Jeremy Youst, 603.363.4331

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