Conscious Breathing is the new Mindfulness.

Experience Somatic Breath Coaching to feel better without years of therapy!

Regulate, relax, calm your nervous system, de-stress and renew your energy with your own breathing. 

Sign up for this 3 session Breath Coaching package (over Skype)
with Power of Breath founder Jeremy Youst

Three 60 minute Skype sessions for $225
(that's a $45 savings)

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Jeremy is the Mozart of breathwork. In 26 years of watching clients breathe and working with many breath specialists, I have never met another practitioner with a more finely tuned, intuitive sense of the breath. Jeremy's ability to see challenges and possibilities in breathing patterns is truly astounding. He has made all the difference for me and the others who have been gifted to work with him. His tools change lives.

Hunter Flournoy, MS,LPC

Included in Your 3 session package:

  • Breath Analysis

    Jeremy will read your ‘breath language’ (he’ll watch you breathe) to help you cultivate and improve your body awareness. Then help you identify patterns in your breath that mirror your life and make positive suggestions for improvement.

  • Strategy Session

    Come to the first session with a specific intention, (e.g. reduce stress, quell anxiety, sleep better, manage pain, get grounded, connect with your purpose, etc)  then together set attainable goals and set a course for your work.

  • Customized Practices

    Your sessions will contain deep conversation, breath awareness exercises, breath techniques, reflection and integration time. You will come away from each session renewed and with customized homework/exercises to help you make steady progress.

  • Ongoing Support

    Essential to sustainable progress is a plan for ongoing support. Jeremy will help you craft an action plan to keep you on track so you will realize the benefits of your investment, and make it stick.

Common Questions

  • q-iconWhat is Somatic Breath Coaching?

    Somatic Breath Coaching harnesses the power of breath awareness, breathing techniques, and the intrinsic relationality of humans breathing together. Somatic Breath Coaching can be integrated into any body-mind healing practice, including massage, energy work, Reiki, somatic psychotherapy, professional coaching, spiritual or pastoral counseling, and can be used with or without touch, depending upon the needs of the client and the ethical guidelines of your own healing modality.

  • q-iconWhat's Somatic Breath Coaching good for?

    SBC helps relieve chronic anxiety, stress, fatigue, burnout, pain and depression. It also helps to increase aliveness, energy flow, and offers a sense of wholeness and connection, while realigning, relaxing, and cultivating deeper awareness in your body, mind, heart and spirit.

  • q-iconWhen can I schedule my sessions?

    Sessions are available Monday – Friday between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm (eastern time) *limited weekend appointments available at Jeremy’s discretion.

  • q-iconWhat happens once I purchase my package?

    You will get an email from Jeremy confirming your purchase. Then the two of you will be in touch by either email or phone to schedule your session at a time that’s mutually convenient.

  • q-iconHow long do I have to schedule/use my appointments?

    You have 30 days to schedule your first session, and then you and Jeremy will decide what interval is best for session 2 and 3.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to know about technology?

    You will need a stable internet connection and access to either Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom for your session. Once your session is booked, Jeremy will send you access information for the video platform to be used.

  • q-iconWhat happens if I can't make the scheduled appointment?

    Jeremy requests 72 hours notice for schedule changes. Unless there’s an emergency, missed appointments will be forfeited.

  • q-iconCan we continue working together after the 3 sessions?

    Yes, of course. Sessions beyond the 3 session package are billed at $90/hr.

Buy Your Package Todaylimited number of appointments available, offer intended for new clients only

About Jeremy

Jeremy is the founder and director of the Power of Breath Institute. With over 6000 sessions under his belt, Jeremy is a seasoned and expert professional who's helped many people overcome stress, anxiety and recover from trauma using breath coaching and breath therapy.  He also utilizes heart centered 'soul therapy' to empower clients to reach their healing goals.  POBI is proud to offer Somatic Breath Therapy training to teach healing professionals to use conscious breathing in their work.