Somatic Breath Coach Training

Discover and Deliver the Power of Breath
Essential Skills for Therapists and Healers in a Quickly Changing World

Calling all Mental Health Providers, Massage Therapists,
Reiki Practitioners and Healing Professionals.


Now, more than ever, healers need the foundational skills to create healing relationships of safety, connection, valuing, and empowerment for themselves and their clients. Our lives depend on our capacity to center in our deepest truth, create grounded and resonant relationships with the earth and each other, release the traumas of everyday life, and reclaim our love, faith, courage, and hope. Our greatest ally in accomplishing all of these tasks is our very breath.

As we learn to harness conscious breathing, we supercharge our healing practices, our clients' capacity for sustained growth, healing and long lasting change, as well as our own sense of purpose, connection and professional satisfaction.

Become the Healer You Were Born to Be

Let’s be honest: you, as a healer, probably don’t need another skills certification, or another piece of paper on your wall. If you’re like the thousands of people who have come through our programs, you need something far more fundamental:

To tune into the deepest truth of your own being, to consciously harness your
heart-mind-body’s built-in capacity to heal, release, and re-energize, and to create empowering, resonant, and healing relationships.

Without knowing, you have unconsciously used the breath to do these very things for your whole life — and with this training, in a community of passionately committed, visionary, and loving healers — you will reclaim the power of the breath in ways you never imagined.

Maximize Your Clinical Skills

You don't have to become a 'breath coach' to use these skills, you can integrate them into your existing work.

Somatic Breath Coaching harnesses the power of breath awareness, breathing techniques, and the intrinsic relationality of humans breathing together. Somatic Breath Coaching can be integrated into any body-mind healing practice, including massage, energy work, Reiki, somatic psychotherapy, professional coaching, spiritual or pastoral counseling, and can be used with or without touch, depending upon the needs of the client and the ethical guidelines of your own healing modality. 

  • Master Core Somatic Breath Coaching Skills

    Integrate conscious breathing with your own therapeutic techniques and modalities

    Make conscious the breath’s innate capacity to heal, transform, and inspire every level of the body-mind-heart. 

    Master the skills of assessing your client’s breathing patterns, and how those patterns show up in their lives.

    Create personalized breathing plans for clients that create powerful shifts in their lives in both now and in the future.

    Use the breath to cultivate  safe, connected, valuing, and empowering relationships.

  • Cultivate Breath Awareness

    Use the breath to stay present, focused, centered and grounded in challenging situations

    Maintain and communicate a sense of well-being, safety and calm in stressful situations

    Harness breathing awareness to integrate past wounds into a safe, connected, valuing and empowering present 

    Cultivate awareness and freedom from negative self-talk and the painful emotions it creates

    Develop an experience of well-being and nourishing pleasure in the body

  • Teach Powerful Breathing Techniques

    Relieve chronic anxiety, defensiveness and reactions to stress

    Manage and/or alleviate fatigue, burnout, and depression

    Master specific breath-based protocols for working with trauma and PTSD

    Increase aliveness, energy flow, and a sense of wholeness and connection

    Realign, relax, and center your body with the breath

Much More Than a Certification
Expert Training, Support and Supervision to Develop Your Skill and Confidence Personally and Professionally

This exceptional and comprehensive training is both didactic and experiential, designed for professionals and non-professionals interested in incorporating conscious breathing skills for health, emotional well-being, personal growth, and trauma integration. 

Here's How Your Training is Delivered

This specialized training is delivered online and live. We provide: 10 video conferences from the comfort of your own home or office, and three 5-day in person retreats in a beautiful rural setting in Spofford NH.

  • Virtual Learning

     10 – Ninety minute live video conferences. We make an audio recording and send it out the next day

  • In-person Retreats

    3 – Five day retreats in a peaceful, regenerating setting 

  • Class Materials

    Articles, exercises, reading assignments, and handouts

  • Make Deep Connections

    Connect with a tribe of like-minded colleagues

What our students say:

Janette Dingee

“This is more than a class!

It is awakening to the presence of life itself. It will teach you a comprehensive set of skills for working with the breath but it’s also a vehicle for personal exploration and spiritual growth. It is an opportunity for increased self-awareness, and a deepening of connection to self and others. It is a laboratory for exploring how the breath shows up in the body and how breath coaching can help people shift rigid life patterns.  It is learning how to shift those patterns for yourself.”

Janette Dingee, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Art Therapist
Rachael Walter

“This Training has been an eye and heart opening experience for me.

It’s built on the foundation of developing resonance and relationality with clients, using the breath as the bridge.  Jeremy and Hunter are master teachers in delivering the information as well as providing the experience in which to learn, explore, and make it your own.”

Rachael Walter, Somatic Breath Therapist
Mary Gregor

“This program has been the most enlightening, healing journey of my life.

Learning to take a deeper, fuller breath combined with the encouragement, understanding and compassion of the trainers, Jeremy and Hunter and the loving people in the program has been a remarkable experience and one I can strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who wants to feel better about everything and anything, including themselves.”

Mary Gregor, Administrative Secretary

Breath Coach Curriculum

Retreat # 1
Training will include:

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going: A Survey of Breathwork and Healing in History and Traditions

Conscious Breathing, Emotional Healing, and Body Wisdom

Twenty-First Century Breathwork: What is Somatic Breath Therapy?

Emotional/Trauma Healing: What ISN’T Working in Trauma Treatment?

The Art and Science of Breath Coaching

Mindful Awareness and How the Breath Moves

What is an Open Healthy Breath?

Mind, Body, and Spirit: Intention, Relaxation, and Integration

Conscious Connected Breathing for Breath Awareness

Breath Coaching Skills Practice: Experiencing the Perceptible Breath

man on rockRetreat # 2
Training will include:

Chains into Wings: Making our Stories Work for us

Free Your Breath, Free Your Life: Unwinding the Bodymind’s Suffering

Healing Trauma: Anatomy of Trauma, Healing Human Trauma and Trauma Healing Protocol

Reclaim the Breath to Reclaim the Emotional Body

Breath Techniques for Physical and Emotional Well-Being and Self-Regulation

Individualized Breath Practices for Specific Issues

Conscious Connected Breathing as Breath Technique

Retreat # 3
Training will include:

Breath Relationality: The Golden Key to Revolutionize Healing

Somatic Breath Therapy: Working with the Breath As Healer

Why Resonance is So Important

Fostering a Culture of Loving Connection

Conscious Connected Breathing and Relationality

Principles Of Spiritual Empowerment: The Intelligence of the Sacred Heart

Healing Trauma At a Soul Level

Special Issues in Coaching: Joy, Intimacy, Spiritual Practice, Coaching for Couples

Professionalism and Ethics

Breath Coaching Skills Practicum: Working With Clients

12 Video Conferences
Each session to include:

In depth exploration of course content and review of reading assignments

Sharing and supervision regarding your personal exploration of conscious breathing

Sharing and supervision of your experiences with professional breath coaching


Program Dates and Logistics

Next Class Starts: 2019

The entire curriculum is taught through 10 video conferences and the three in-person retreats held at the Power of Breath Institute in Spofford NH.  Travel expenses are not included in the tuition (For a nominal fee ($15 per night), you will be able to stay at the center – indoor, camping style – during retreats, and enjoy the surrounding 26,000-acre wilderness setting!)

Program Dates:
To be announced


All videoconferences meet Thursday evenings from 7 pm - 8:30 pm (Eastern time) Live retreats run 9 am - 6 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am - 5pm.

Who This Training is For: People who want practical, powerful tools for stress reduction, peace of mind, emotional well-being, healing and personal growth. Healing Professionals who want to profoundly increase efficacy and rapport with clients in their existing practices.

Integrating Personal Growth and Professional Training During our time together we will create a culture of loving connection in order to establish safety for ourselves, and effectiveness for our learning while we develop the skills and methodologies necessary for skillful Somatic Breath Coaching. Simultaneously, the practicum component of the training begins right away. Students are encouraged and supported by the trainers to begin integrating what they're learning into their work immediately. Even though the emphasis of this training is professional, any comprehensive somatic training program requires full participation at the personal growth level. We strongly believe personal and professional development is very closely interwoven.

Our Commitments To You:

  1. We will deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-date breath coach training available in the current field, including what you need to integrate it into your life and practice.
  2. We will create a sacred circle of empowerment for students and trainers within which we will establish a conscious culture of loving connection.
  3. We will develop a structure of support, self-practice, a buddy system, (trainer contact and supervision during the retreats) all to assist you with your learning and practice during the program period.
  4. We will provide clearly defined intentions, agreements, teachings and exercises, (both during the training and as homework) and hold participants accountable to these through clear communications. These may include but are not limited to the following: annotated self-sessions, professional sessions and sessions with others, assigned reading and homework; in-class demonstrations and hands-on practice with trainer review and supportive peer group feedback for the purpose of increasing confidence, skill, ease and proficiency in the delivery of breath coaching.
  5. We will establish a supervision and resource network within the larger, national/global community for the purpose of offering and receiving support, guidance and continuing education for your development and interaction as practitioners. Private supervision sessions with the trainers is available for $80/hr.

Your Commitments to Us: Below are the Commitments we ask each participant to make.

Financial Agreement:  Full tuition for the training is $4395. We also offer a 3 payment option: Payments of $1599 each.
We ask for a $450 non-refundable deposit with your application to secure a spot.

Your Tuition includes:
10  live videoconferences (90 minutes each)
3 five day training retreats in Spofford, NH (Travel and Accommodations NOT included)
Vegetarian lunch and snacks each training day
Course materials, access to on-line documents on a private course portal
Upon successful completion of the training requirements you will receive a Somatic Breath Coach certificate.

Training Course Agreements The requirements for successful completion of the training can be found here.

We also ask you to agree to:

1. Self-responsibility for all experiences during the training.

2. Confidentiality with regard to identifying information and/or experiences of other trainees, clients or trainers during the weekends.

3. Willingness to respect the truth, integrity, physical and energetic space of each other and ourselves during the training period.

To Apply

Please register for the course with a $450 deposit at the payment link below. Then, we ask you to submit (within one week of your deposit):

1. A short letter of intention outlining why you are interested in this training, and your willingness to commit to the entire training, and maintain self-responsibility and accountability to the trainers and the training group.

2. An outline of your professional experience, as well as what types of trainings or certifications you hold, if any.

3. A signed copy of the Training Agreements Please email this documentation to . Once we've received your deposit and documentation, we will be in touch with you to make payment arrangements. You can pay the balance of your tuition with MasterCard, Visa, Paypal or a check.

What our students say:

Cornelius Foley, Fitness Trainer

Somatic Coaching takes self-awareness, self-development, and self-empowerment to an extraordinary level. Engaging in conscious breathing delivers benefit every time and provides an opportunity for establishing a new way of life. The potential for healing and growth through Somatic Breath Coaching is tremendous. My favorite part is the exciting fact that a coach cannot engage in helping other people without helping the self at the same time.

Cornelius Foley, Fitness Trainer
Gardner Orton, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

The SBC training not only provided me with tools I can use to help clients feel more empowered, it also helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself, of what holds me back, and how I can overcome challenges to become my most authentic, empowered self.

Gardner Orton, Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Kevin Hoover, Business Consultant

What I received from this training was a true insight into my self. It allowed a space for healing and remembering my true calling. Be prepared to grow and learn to see yourself in all your glory.

Kevin Hoover, Business Consultant

The Power of Breath Institute Advantage

  • Embodied - Our teaching approach includes your heart, mind, body, and spirit. Everyone says, "Take a full, deep breath" - but, how many people really can? We will make sure you do.
  • Experiential - 8-12 people in a class means personal attention, high contact learning and abundant opportunities for supervised practice.
  • Evidence-Based - We integrate the latest research in physiology, interpersonal neurobiology, and trauma therapy with thousands of hours of experience with clients.
  • Expertise - We set the gold standard for breath coach training through forty years of combined experience in counseling, breathwork, and trauma integration.
  • Empowering - We help you cultivate the breath awareness, tools, and relational skills you need to discover the power of breath without requiring you to adopt a particular philosophy, religion or spiritual system.

Meet Your Trainers

Jeremy Youst

Jeremy Youst is the Founder and Director of the internationally accredited Power of Breath Institute. Jeremy’s commitment to a ‘walk the talk’ approach and healthy embodiment informs his state-of-the-art, heart centered curriculum to train and certify breath coaches and practitioners. He is a master breath practitioner and a driving force behind bringing breathwork that is integrally informed and grounded in science into the 21st century.

Hunter Flournoy

Hunter Flournoy, LPC,  is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a certified Somatic Breath Therapist, a trainer for the Power of Breath Institute, and a pioneer in the use of conscious breathing in trauma and addiction treatment. He draws on twenty-five years of studying the healing power of breath with elders, teachers and healers from indigenous and mystical traditions around the world. A heart-centered life coach, therapist, and spiritual healer, Hunter helps people break free into more powerful, joyful lives through self-love, conscious breathing, and joyfully embodied spiritual practice. To learn more about Hunter and his work, go to

Why Invest in This Training?

  • Get certified as a somatic breath coach in eight months, and use your new skills right away
  • Become a part of the cutting edge of somatic therapies for trauma treatment
  • Learn essential breath techniques that are adaptive and can be taught without touch
  • Improve the quality of what you already offer, while you decrease burnout and increase satisfaction
  • Expand your practice and add a potential income stream

There are only 12 spaces available.
Here's how to begin the simple registration process today.

  • 1

    Click below to secure your spot with a deposit

    Start by making your $450 non refundable deposit to apply to the program and secure your spot. You'll get a welcome email confirming we've received your deposit and you've reserved a spot in the program.

  • 2

    Email Your Application Documents

    Within a week of paying your deposit we ask you to email us:
    1. Your letter of intent
    2. An outline of your experience
    3. Your signed Training Agreements

  • 3

    You're in! Make Tuition Payment Arrangments

    Once we receive your application documentation we will be in touch with you to make tuition payment arrangements. You can pay the balance of your tuition by credit card, Paypal or check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not ready to sign up, but want to talk with someone to see if the program's a good fit for me?

Absolutely, you can talk with Jeremy or Hunter personally. Just email or Hunter: and they will get back to you to set up a time to talk.

Can I pay for the training by check?

Yes, you can mail your payment to Power of Breath Institute 45 Stones Mill Rd, Spofford, NH 03462

Do you offer CEU's?

Unfortunately we don't at this time. We do offer a certificate at the end of the program.

What kind of technology do I need to participate?

You need to be able to access the internet for the video conferences, we use a service called Zoom. Class materials and networking provided through an elegant, secure online course portal. It's helpful to have a webcam for the video conferences, but you can also join via telephone.

Are there any additional expenses beyond tuition?

The other expenses are travel to New Hampshire for the 3 in-person retreats. Breakfast and dinner (during the retreat) and any other personal travel expenses such as car rental if needed. Lodging: if you stay at the center the charge is $15/night, or the price for accommodations if you want to stay at a local motel, etc. There are 6 personal sessions (either in person or via Skype) required as part of the program, these session are not included with the base tuition and are payable to the trainer directly at the time of service.

What's involved traveling to NH for the live retreats? 

Your travel expenses are NOT covered in the tuition (as detailed above). We are located in a rural location in southwestern NH. We are about 90 minutes from the airport in either Manchester, NH or Hartford, CT. Boston is about 2 hours away. There's also a train that runs between NYC and Montreal, that stops in Brattleboro, VT (car rentals available in Brattleboro). Lodging is available locally (you will need a car, we are 7 miles from town), or you can stay at the Center (indoor camping style) for $15/night. Please network with your classmates to coordinate transportation plans as desired. You will get a class roster at the first class.

What can I expect about the setting for the in-person retreats?

The in-person retreats are held at the Power of Breath Institute.  This is the beautiful straw-bale built (home and office) of Jeremy and his wife and managing director, Helaine Iris. The retreat is held on the second floor (stairs), in a large, sunlit, open space . The classroom sessions are held on the floor, you can sit on zafus, pillows or backjacks. There is a small kitchen and full bathroom available to you. If you are lodging with us, the main space is used as the sleep space as well. We have many sleeping mats/futons, blankets and pillows available for your use. We ask that you bring your own linens, towels, toiletries and outdoor clothing appropriate to the season.

What food is provided for the retreats?

We provide simple, vegetarian lunches, snacks and tea during the retreats. You are responsible for your own breakfast and dinner. You may store food in the community refrigerator and use the fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals. Often, people will go to town to share evening meals.

What if I can't make it to all of the sessions?

We strongly encourage you to participate in all the sessions, especially the live retreats. Building a strong culture of community and connection is a vital part of the experience. Everyone in the program is an important member. If you can't avoid missing a session we ask you to make arrangements with a buddy to catch up on the content you missed. We do audio record the video conferences and make the recording available the next day.

What if I don't have my own practice yet? Can I still take the training? 

Anyone can participate. Anyone with an interest in using conscious breathing personally or professionally will get benefit from the training.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel before the program starts, we will refund your tuition less your $450 deposit plus a $100 cancelation fee. Once the program starts we do not offer refunds if you drop out of the program.