Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Is This You?

Are you someone who’s ever felt like there’s something in the way of living your life present and fully alive yet you haven’t quite put your finger on what’s missing or wrong?

All of our programs are designed for people who know inside there is something more to life than a relationship, a family, a job or a pension plan. Our programs are created for individuals who what more and are willing to commit themselves to a path of inner growth and self-empowerment.

Do you intrinsically feel that in order to truly heal or live to your full potential you need to engage a body-mind practice or therapy?

Somatic Breath Therapy or, therapeutic breathwork is one of the planets leading methodologies for integrating all aspects of being, body, mind and spirit. It’s a powerful tool based in the principle of self-empowerment. Everyone breathes.

Have you ever felt lonely or isolated and can’t seem to find the people or support you need to make significant changes in your life?

Most of us are starved for connection. The Power of Breath Institute’s programs use the power and presence of group-mind within a safe setting to help students reconnect with themselves and others in a powerful and loving way. We establish a Culture of Loving Connection that serves as a basis for deepening understanding and reclaiming the Self that leads to true inner empowerment and expression.

Have you ever wanted to help people, to be a healer or practitioner, but haven’t found a real way to do that without devoting years to an expensive education?

Utilizing one the most powerful self-help tools, connected breathing, The POBI’s Empowerment Training instructs you to first heal yourself, to “walk-the-talk” in other words, and then through the SBT Practitioner Certification Training teaches you how apply these tools and self-discoveries to empower others. The most important measurements for this process are your own self-growth, sense of personal fulfillment and the personal proficiency in the use of the facilitation skills.

Have you experienced the power of breathwork before and decided you wanted to offer it to others, but haven’t found an internationally certified training to teach you?

The POBI’s The Empowerment Training + The SBT Practitioner Certification Training currently meets the 2-year/400 hour minimum requirement set by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). Graduates will be recognized worldwide as having fulfilled the ethical and professional standards as set by the GPBA in 2001.

Are you a counselor, mental health worker, nurse, massage therapist, alternative practitioner who has felt frustrated by the limitations of your work and sensed all along that there was a mind-body therapy that could transform people’s lives in shorter amounts of time and work in more effective ways?

Many of the participants who come to the POBI’s training programs do so with the intent to enhance their practices and dramatically improve their professional effectiveness. The intimate size, length and depth of this 2-3 year program will provide you with the opportunity to expand and develop your existing practice with the tools and techniques that can then be used with your clients at your own discretion.

Do you know you have a mission in life but haven’t found it yet?

The Power of Breath Institute’s personal and professional training programs are recognized by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) and are dedicated to providing the cutting edge of spiritual and therapeutic empowerment in safe, relational settings that encourage deep self growth. We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards as established by the GPBA.

If this sounds like you, contact us to find out more about our programs and how we can serve you!