Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

The Power to Heal

The Power to Heal
Become the Love That You Are

tap into your heart wisdom, breathe in your body, relax your mind, connect deeply with your soul

Next 3 weekend series: September 8-10, October 20-22, November 17-19

Discover how your heart is the master of your life

Reclaim with total acceptance who you really are

Remember –  your body knows exactly how to heal

Awaken to realize –  you don’t have to go to your grave with regret or emotional baggage 


The Power of Breath Institute’s The Power to Heal is a 3 weekend immersion program designed for individuals who seek deep healing and empowerment. Our heart-centered curriculum assures a life-transforming experience for every participant. The retreat is held over three weekends, over three months, May, June and August 2017 and focuses on uplifting every individual utilizing mindfulness, conscious breathing and meaningful ceremony as the primary tools of self-awakening. The program takes place in a rural setting, in Spofford, New Hampshire, which enables nature-based experiences as an integral part of the program. This program can be taken as a stand alone or, as a prerequisite for the Practitioner Certification Training.

What sets this program apart from other personal growth programs is its safe and relational approach to healing the body, mind, heart and spirit, through processes and methods grounded in conscious breathing, interpersonal neurobiology, somatic psychotherapy and wisdom traditions. First, we build a culture of safety and trust, in order to cultivate loving self-awareness and self-responsibility. Second, through the potency of group connection, we develop the necessary personal skills that deepen healing and the ability to engage in a full and vibrant life. With this solid foundation, you build resiliency in order to integrate day-to-day experiences more fully and easily, while being able to make the choices that fulfill your highest potential.

Designed from over 35 years of group work, The Power to Heal  is a well-balanced blend of Somatic Breath Coaching and Somatic Breath Therapy, mindfulness, cognitive inquiry, group process, and ceremonies in the natural world to encourage the recovery of each participant’s true and loving nature. The time you spend with us will be skillful, intensive, interactive and experiential. It will challenge you to embrace the fullest and highest expression of your Self, while fully supporting you throughout the entire process.

Here’s What’s Possible:

  • Know you are enough – right here and right now
  • Learn how to manage stressful, thoughts, habits and situations
  • Learn the difference between comfort and safety
  • Realize how your thoughts are the source of most of your stress
  • Learn how “your body keeps the score”, i.e. how your thoughts and beliefs go underground and live in your body, reinforced by negative behaviors
  • Learn how to manage your emotions by transcending your limiting beliefs
  • Experience the resonance of a safe and collaborative community


General Program Curriculum:
Weekends run Friday 6-10 pm, Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday, 9 am – 4 pm

September 8-10 – Weekend I – Awareness, Presence and Living from your Heart

  • Foundations of Empowerment:
    • ATTEND: (East-Spirit-Fire) Awareness, Presence and Love
    • INTEND: (South-Heart-Water) Relationality, Resonance and Choice
  • Creating a safe, intentional community
  • Presence, Mindfulness and the Command of Loving Attention
  • Mastery: Learn how to “Be in the world but not of it”
  • Your Heart is your Highest Intelligence
  • Key Elements of Conscious Breathing I
  • Five Preparatory Palpations experience
  • Getting What You Want: The Four Qualities of Intention
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony

October 20-22 –Weekend II – Body, Beliefs, and the Integrity of Intervention

  • Foundations of Empowerment:
    • INTEND: (South-Heart-Water) Relationality, Resonance and Choice
    • EXTEND: (West-Body-Earth) Intervention, Expression and Movement
  • Physiology and Neuroscience of Respiration: How the body manages stress and heals from trauma
  • Beliefs: Building Blocks of Reality
  • Discernment vs. Judgment
  • Tell you story, End your story
  • Breath Inquiries: Discovering your own breath language
  • Key Elements of Conscious Breathing II
  • Mindfulness + Conscious Breathing = Conscious Living
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony

November 17-19 Weekend III – Surrender, Integration and Beyond

  • Foundations of Empowerment:
    • EXTEND: (West-Body-Earth) Intervention, Expression and Movement
    • TRANSCEND: (North-Mind-Air) Surrender, Connection and ResponsibilityFoundations of Empowerment:
  • Relationality: The essence of healing interpersonal relationships
  • Taking Refuge: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha
  • 9 Somatic Breath Techniques
  • Dance of the Warrior Wheel
  • The Projection Exercise: Awakening guidance and exploring perception
  • Affirming each other through Soul Connection Breathing
  • Sound Healing Circles and completion
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony

The Power to Heal – Logistics and Details:

Total Investment: $895  if paid in full by May 19, 2017. Tuition includes materials, lunches and snacks. Or, you can pay in 3 installments of $333 each, due May 19, June 16 and July 15, 2017.   A non-refundable deposit of $333 along with a short letter of Intent will secure your space in the training. Make your deposit early to reserve your space. Weekends run Friday 6-10 pm, Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday, 9 am – 4 pm.

Application Process:

  • Email a Letter of Intention and Commitment, a short letter indicating why you would like to take this training, what you expect to get out of it and your willingness to commit to the entire program to:
  • Make your non-refundable deposit of $333, or payment in full $895, or your first monthly installment $333 (see links below). Once we receive your payment we will be in touch with you via email to confirm your registration and send you Welcome Documents.
  • Schedule a confirmation phone call with Jeremy to assure the program is a good fit for you.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the small group nature of this program, we are unable to give refunds or transfer payments under any circumstances. Once enrolled, full payment is expected even if you withdraw from the program, including fulfillment of all installment payments.

Location and Accommodations:

All trainings are held in Southwestern NH at the Broadwing Breath Center, 45 Stones Mill Rd., Spofford, NH 03462. Indoor/outdoor ‘camping style’ lodging (bring your own bedding, sleeping bag, towels, etc.) is available for $15/night – paid each weekend. For motel/B & B accommodations, see listing on our website under Training Accommodations. For more information contact: Jeremy Youst, 603.363.4331

Click below to hold your spot with a $333 deposit:

Click below to pay in full ($895). 

Click below to pay your first monthly installment ($333). 

Or, you can send a check made out to:
Jeremy Youst
45 Stones Mill Rd
Spofford, NH 03462

Your Power to Heal Program is facilitated by Jeremy Youst assisted by Rachael Walter

Jeremy Youst is the founder and director of the Power of Breath Institute. With over 6000 sessions and 30 years of group work under his belt, Jeremy is a seasoned and expert professional who’s helped many people overcome stress, anxiety and recover from trauma using breath coaching and breath therapy.  He also utilizes heart centered ‘soul therapy’ to empower clients to reach their healing goals.  



Rachael is eager to share her joyful wholehearted approach to this transformative work with anyone desiring the freedom and space in their life to take a deep healing breath.  She is Certified in Somatic Breath Therapy and Somatic Breath Coaching.  She is an assistant trainer at POBI, sees clients individually in Southwestern NH, and runs small groups.  Rachael has a special interest in helping others to decrease stress, anxiety and the effects of trauma in their lives.