Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Private Sessions, Personal Intensives, Live or Skype

Private Sessions are available in person, or by Skype with Jeremy, appointments are scheduled during weekdays, session are between 2 1/2 – 3 hours long. Sessions are a combination of counseling/coaching and a Somatic Breath Therapy session. Call 603.363.4331 or email Jeremy for rates and availability.

Personal Intensives are like individual “mini-workshops” and are available by appointment with Jeremy  in NH at the Broadwing Breath Center. The format of a Personal Intensive (charged by the hour) is often a 4-5 hour session in the afternoon followed by a 4-5 hour session on the following morning. Clients usually stay at the Center and make use of the quiet wilderness setting for deep inner reflection and integration during and after the sessions themselves. It is an excellent way to learn the tool of conscious connected breathing as well as have a powerful personal healing experience. Call 603-363-4331 or email Jeremy to schedule. Rates for Personal Intensives available upon request.