Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Audio Interview – Breath and Spirit Mastery

Interview by Pol Cousineau from The Spiritual Voice


Jeremy Youst is a certified Somatic Breath Therapy Practitioner and the founder/director of the internationally accredited Power of Breath Institute. He shares a message that you hold the key to spiritual mastery within yourself. Your breath allows you to enter various states of consciousness and develop your spiritual mastery.

In this interview you will learn the various ways that you can utilize your breath and practice the Reset Breath which is perfect prior to entering a meditation, when you are feeling stressed, feeling overwhelmed or want to shift your emotions.

I’ve been personally mentored with our guest over the past years. I met him shortly after coming back from the Amazon rainforest of Peru. His teachings allowed me to integrate my dream like experience as well as embrace spirit through everything and everyone.

Through our time together I’ve learned to embrace the community space and the magic that happens through meaningful relationships.

Breathing in energy that supports our physical existence and our soul and spirit’s existence. Through awareness of the breath we can change our physiological responses and the areas of the brain which are activated.

By breathing consciously, you are able to take a journey with your awareness which will enrich your life. How you are breathing today reveals a story of how your body adapted to overwhelming experience. The natural response to threat is to hold our breath. If we perceive a threat over time our breath also gets suppressed and chronically shut down over time. How do you reverse these changes which impact your life?

The breath can be used to balance your sympathetic, fight or flight system, and parasympathetic relax and digest system. This will relieve your stress, anxiety caused by thoughts which rise from your environment. Breath awareness and practice offers you a solution to the unnecessary tension that you experience throughout your life.

We have been using conscious breath ever since the start of consciousness. Many ancient traditions use different breathing techniques, such as Pranayama from yoga and Vedism born in the areas around India and the Himalaya.

Near the end of the discussion Jeremy shares his view that we are all made of spirit. As human beings we are lucky that one of the primary functions for our survival is tied to activating more spiritual presence and essence. The breath helps attune you to the energy that is shared between all of us. A connection is made between conscious breathing and the practice of mindfulness.

Listen to the interview to take a step into cultivating your awareness, be here now.

Pol Cousineau is a transformational leader and founder of both The Spiritual Voice and Sound of Prana. He began this work to bring clarity to his personal and professional lives and today he help others do the same with simple, practical tools designed to enrich everyday experiences. It wasn’t too long ago that he charged through the corporate world in pursuit of money, meaning, and freedom, but now he’s using his skills as an educator and strategist—and the wisdom he’s gained as a student of life—to bring deeper fulfillment to people just like you.