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Guidelines for Getting the Most out of POBI Trainings

Guidelines for Getting the Most out of POBI Trainings

  • The Spirit of Breath

Throughout all of our POBI trainings, we invite you to stay connected to the Spirit of Breath. The Spirit of Breath, in this case, refers to the multi-dimensional collective intelligence or Spirit that naturally seeks harmony and balance; and seems to surround the intentional act of conscious connected breathing. In every moment you have the opportunity to explore new levels of human experience, to develop a greater command of conscious choice and a deeper connection to your Higher Power.  Much like the empowering qualities of the breath, the rhythm of inhale and exhale, we will strive to create these opportunities through the qualities of Intention, Manifestation, Surrender and Synchronicity, in order for Divine Inspiration to occur.

Each weekend and/or 4-day event will build upon the previous one.  We encourage you, therefore, to make a priority and commitment to attend all training events and develop a spiritual practice of prioritizing regular breathwork so that you can make the most out of this enriching experience.  As we learn to create safety, trust and support with each other and within ourselves, it is our hope that we will all have the opportunity to grow beyond the levels of our current awareness and evolution.  To help with this process, we invite you to attend to your personal needs as they arise.  Please feel free make requests, ask questions and offer suggestions especially if they might enhance the quality of our group experience.

  • Understanding Breathwork – what is it really?

Breathwork is a specific body-mind therapy that utilizes conscious, connected breathing (no pause between inhale and exhale).  While breathing in this way, breathwork as a therapeutic tool has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.  By breathing an open, healthy, connected breath our bodies naturally begin to release surface stress and physical tension.  Then, as our bodies and our breath become more relaxed, we find that this type of breathing has the capacity to release old emotional wounds and mental patterns as well.

Through the Power of Breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs and subconsciously-held patterns of energy that keep us from living our lives more fully begin to release.  This enables us to not only surrender, forgive and integrate our painful past, but it also helps us to be more fully PRESENT in our daily lives. With continued commitment, we enter into a state of peace and inner balance, which helps us become more loving and generous, and furthers our connection to our higher selves.

The immediate results of doing therapeutic breathwork can be an increase of energy, freedom from stress, increased creativity, greater awareness and an overall feeling of personal empowerment and connection.  Quite remarkably, all of these things may be experienced simply through the regular use of conscious breathing – as it is clearly explained, demonstrated and modeled within the safe and supportive atmosphere of the Power of Breath’s Training programs.


  • Make room in your life to embrace the training as fully as you can.

One of the most common confusions people make in taking the POBI Trainings is you think you can fit it in around the rest of your life; that “yeah, even though there are those requirements I agreed to, it’s those “other things” in my life that take priority.”  So you try to fit in the training events and weekends like you would any other course you’ve taken in the past, because “Hey, I’ve got time – and there’s months to this thing…  I can work on that requirement stuff toward the end if I need to…”

But take it from those who have graduated from the course – and most had to learn this the hard way – “It ain’t gonna work!”  In fact, ultimately, it’s your LIFE that has to fit around the training. They realize (usually quickly) that the feelings and deep shifts start happening right away – and that what they thought was so important in the beginning is no longer important in the end.  Most students come to realize that the more they are able to make the training a priority in their life, the greater the likelihood this year will be one of the most powerful years they’ve ever lived!

SO – our recommendation is this: at least consider the idea that you may go through internal changes and mental/emotional shifts that you may have never experienced before, and that most likely, you have never done something quite like this in your life prior.  In the end, like with anything, what you put into it you get out of it. You’re worth it – and it’s worth having you BE as fully present as possible!

  • Love is who you are!

Although this may be a new or foreign concept for some, the universe and you are founded upon and run by the same thing: Love! By this we don’t mean the romantic, conditional or codependent love that most of us experienced growing up or in the movies, but LOVE in this case is defined as universal life force energy; a primal, motivating and all-encompassing power that initiates, creates, pervades and sustains all of existence.

Most of us define ourselves by what we do, what our jobs are, how we look, the color of our skin, where we were born, etc. At the heart of day-to-day reality, however, we are all individual and unique aspects of Love seeking to express itself in human form.  During the training we will be asking you to reconsider some of the fundamental definitions you may have stored away about yourself.  Who would you be if you knew yourself as essentially good, intelligent, intuitive, creative, feeling-based, honest, considerate and kind?  Are you ready to really let go of outmoded self-concepts and realign yourself to a higher truth? Love is who you are – it’s that simple, and the entire training has been designed to remind you of this reality.

  • Your heart is your higher intelligence

All of our lives we have been encouraged, taught, tested and rewarded for THINKING our way to success; that effective, productive thinking is the pinnacle of human achievement.  Thinking, based upon cortical, perceptual and didactic functioning is our strong suit in this western culture and has dominated almost every aspect of the world. She/He who thinks faster, smarter, and more efficiently is, essentially, ‘better’.

But what if that were not the case, what if there was something else inside us that we knew was better, that somehow we knew that there was much more to life than just test scores and cognitive or occupational achievements?  What if there was something actually smarter and more comprehensive that get stimulated through our human qualities of love, attention, desire, passion, fulfillment, or a sense of purpose? What if there was some “location” within the human being that actually had a better command of such indefinable states such as happiness, gratitude, joy and beauty?

One of the fundamental invitations you will be presented with during the Training is the idea that your heart, your non-physical SACRED HAERT center, is actually the seat of a much higher intelligence. Your Sacred Heart is in charge of your most cherished desires – the yearning for connection with yourself and others, with your Higher Power, with Love and with All That Is.  We invite you to consider that where the real transformation and healing is taking place is perhaps at a level that lives “beneath the radar” of your everyday performance.  So don’t judge yourself too harshly when at one point you may feel you’re not ‘getting it’! You probably ARE, but you’re just not conscious of it yet! So, be gentle on yourself, and let’s grow together!

May Love, wisdom, truth and beauty guide our every breath in perfect celebration of the love that we are! We look forward to sharing with and getting to know each and every one of you!
Jeremy and the Power of Breath staff