Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Professional Webinar: Healing Trauma with the Power of Breath

human mindFor Mental Health Practitioners, Therapists
and Healing Practitioners, or, anyone who wants to learn to use their breath as medicine

4-session live video webinar –  TBA (in the meantime you can get audio recordings from the webinar series for $47 here)

Get all four sessions for $97 ( if you can’t make it live, we send out an audio recording the next day)

Series includes: 
  • 4 live video sessions and an audio recording after each session
  • PDF articles and exercises
  • Q&A sessions with Jeremy
  • Coaching/supervision for your tough client scenarios

“Jeremy- What a profound offering. I was so touched this evening. I am struck by how you embody relationality- with your self, your work, your audience.  I deeply appreciated your transmission of the physiology of breathing- so comprehensive, accessible, visceral and not textbook! Thank you.”
Anne Frances Martin, Breathworker, Baltimore, MD

“THANKS A MILLION!!!   I was able to join the call this week…IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!   I can’t wait until next week. I am all about the ‘Body’, getting the message.”
Paula M. Allen, Sozo Transformation Ministry


What if you had a somatic tool that blended easily with your preferred therapeutic approach and initiated a greater sense of safety, connection and long-term healing for your trauma client?

Trauma, or the implicit impact of overwhelming physical, psychological or societal atrocities, is rampant in our world. Whether as a result of the confusing and complex times we live in or as a result of our personal history, treating trauma individually and collectively has never been more imperative.; and, historically, is incredibly difficult to do.

What if there was a trauma treatment technique that adapted to almost every client and was naturally self-regulating? With recent research breakthroughs in neuroscience, developmental psychology and interpersonal neurobiology, we finally have a much greater empirical and experiential understanding of just how people heal and overcome the residues of psychophysiological trauma.

According to Bessel van der Kolk in his recent book, “The Body Keeps the Score”, There are three fundamental avenues with which you can work with people who suffer from various forms of trauma and PTSD, 1) Talk therapy (top-down) 2) Medications and/or other brain-influencing technologies and 3) Somatic (body) therapy (bottom-up).

We know a combination of these is required; but more and more evidence is supporting that this third approach, working with a person’s body in such a way that viscerally contradicts the erratic messages of PTSD within a safe therapeutic container, often has the most long-term beneficial results.

Conscious Breathing, I believe, is one of the most effective and accessible tools that as a focal point of these types of somatic therapies builds on the benefits of mindfulness in supporting the essential brain changes necessary for integration and sustained affective-somatic regulation. As an added benefit, conscious breathing can become a powerful part of your self-care, help you to become a more attuned practitioner, and learn to enjoy your work more! 

This 4-part webinar series will introduce you to how conscious breathing can be used to heal trauma and PTSD through three key Breath-oriented areas:
Awareness + Technique + Relationality

  • Use body, mind and breath to create deeper safety, trust and receptivity in the clients asking for your help
  • Increase relational resonance: empathy, compassion, reciprocal understanding and safe connection by monitoring your own breath in sessions
  • Support clients to break through obstacles to self-awareness more quickly, deeply and effectively
  • Help clients integrate traumatic memories with practical, take-home techniques
  • Discover how to tap into the power of Body-Breathing-Interactive Intelligence
  • Trans-Tending: the 4 Tendencies of Empowerment (listed bellow): vital principles to understanding how healing with mindfulness and conscious breathing actually works
  • Remember, reconnect and realign with why you are drawn to the healing arts

In each 90-minute live session you will receive: instruction, practice, and Q&A.

The first and most important step to embracing reality, practicing acceptance and healing trauma.

  • ATTEND: How to utilize our two most essential tools: Mindfulness and Conscious Breathing
  • Why it’s essential to include the body in therapy: key trauma facts
  • Brief history of conscious breathing and definition of key concepts
  • Client intake and assessment: how noticing the relationship between breath, body and attention is essential to creating therapeutic resonance and achievable goals
  • Breath Assessment: what to look for, how the breath informs; contraindications
  • The Reset Breath exercise – clearing away stress energy

Why body, breath, heart and mind go hand-in-hand to create positive leverage for change.

  • INTEND: what the client’s mind, body and breath presentation tells you
  • Why SAFETY and RELAXATION should go in the same sentence
  • Re-aligning with Love – bringing compassion back into therapy
  • The three main reasons we shut down our breath: suppression and the trauma responses we hold in our bodies
  • Discover what constitutes an Open Healthy Breath
  • The Relax and Re-center Breath – finding inner equilibrium

How uninhibited respiration is the perfect goal for resilience, health and healing trauma.

  • EXTEND: What-When-Where-Why and How to respond
  • 5 Preparatory Palpations: how to feel breath movement in your body
  • Managing threat: neurophysiological & Polyvagal basis for conscious breathing
  • 9 Techniques of Somatic Breath Therapy: Using breath practices to work with clients, deepen takeaways and reinforce positive habits
  • Breath as self-care – combatting compassion fatigue as a therapist
  • Coherent Breathing – The miracle of breath/heart/mind coherence

Conscious breathing connects, inspires and engages a soulful ability to re-immerse into life.

  • TRANSCEND: Conscious Breathing as Conscious Evolution
  • The 7 Most Important Takeaways to teach clients about the breath
  • Breath Relationality – the essence of interpersonal neurobiology
  • Where do we go from here: Using techniques with clients, increasing attunement and personal/professional resilience
  • Connected Breathing Exercise
  • Program review, Q & A




TIME:  7 pm – 8:30 pm  (Eastern Time)

COST: $97. Course is a live video webinar, you can also call in on the phone if you don’t have internet access. An audio only recording will be sent to you 24 hours after each call.  You can participate live, or listen at your convenience.