Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

David Allen

David is a graduate of the Power of Breath Institute’s Empowerment and Practitioner Training programs.  Since graduating he has also supported men’s events at POBI and has worked with students in the Empowerment and Practitioner programs.

He began working with people in transition over 25 years ago as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care.  Over those years he has been a presenter / educator to numerous public and private groups on a wide variety of topics.  Prior to establishing his breathwork practice, he was the Director of Education and Training (IT) for a large multi-hospital system in the Mid-Atlantic region.

His practice provides breath experiences for individuals, couples and groups.   Sessions in the workplace and consulting services are also available.

“One of the reasons I find this work very rewarding is that I am able to create a safe space for people who may have never been able to experience that safe feeling.”

Areas of interest:  issues facing men of all ages,  military members,  healthcare workers, sex / sexuality issues.

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