Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Hunter Flournoy

Hunter Flournoy is a GPBA certified Somatic Breath Therapist and an assistant trainer at the POBI. Hunter has dedicated his life to empowering people in living their souls’ deepest, most authentic truths with all their hearts, minds, and bodies. He is the cofounder of Amigos de Dios, a fellowship of Christian mystics, and works as a freedom coach, shamanic healer, breathworker, and licensed psychotherapist. He has devoted his life to learning from elders, teachers, and healers in the indigenous traditions of curranderismo, the Toltec tradition, the Mayan fire ceremony, the Lakota pipeway and inipi, and the mystical traditions of Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, and Eastern Christianity. In his own words, “The Spirit of Life, embodied in our breath, flows through the heart of all the world’s spiritual traditions. Our breath is the clearest guide, the most powerful and compassionate teacher, and the most wonderful healer we will ever know.” Hunter has led workshops and ceremonies at conferences and retreats around the world for more than twenty years. To learn more about Hunter’s work, visit him at or email