Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

Wendy Walter

Wendy is a is a GPBA certified Somatic Breath Therapist. Wendy has an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and interweaves the alchemy of clay into her work as breathwork facilitator, hypnotist, and spiritual guidance mentor, guiding souls back to the heart center, transmuting what may seems like only “a lump of clay” into centered, grounded, purposeful, empowered human beings.

In 1981 Wendy discovered clay at High Mowing Waldorf School in Wilton NH. Mrs. Isobel Karl taught her deep respect for this material which slows us down and takes us into another dimension. She established ‘The Voice of Clay’ Pottery in 1999. In addition to production she has taught many pottery classes. Witnessing a shift in students’ energy as they worked with clay she was guided to investigate the therapeutic qualities of clay and got her license in Esthetics as well as certification in Reiki, Vodder lymphatic drainage and the Dr. Haushcka skin care protocols.

Wendy’s journey with breathwork has been LIFE CHANGING!

“I have climbed the mountain within myself, surviving the breathless moments when fear grabs the gut and wrings it out like a dishcloth, or anger rips through, not tolerating anything but being heard. The mountain has towered before me. A trek not many choose to consider, and yet I didn’t hesitate to commit, knowing the journey is the destination. This mountain is where I have faced loss, and deep cavernous fear. It is where I have survived intense watersheds of grief and found shelter from the incoming storms that blow in with the inhale. I have scaled the mountainside because the tools I had been using; denial, hiding, repression, anger, anxiety, and fear no longer served.” 

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