Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

SBT Practitioner Certification Training

The 2017 PCT (Practitioner Certification Training) is a 20-day intensive training is both didactic and experiential, designed for professionals or non-professionals interested in either becoming a Somatic Breath Therapy practitioner or incorporating conscious breathing into an existing practice or path.

Our mission is to build the competencies necessary to provide high-quality somatic healing to assist clients achieve and sustain positive growth and meaningful change.

Our unique training process focuses on:

  • Developing your own somatic intelligence and way of being so you can increase resonance and authenticity to better coach and empower your clients
  • Teaching you the skills and frameworks necessary to deliver safe and effective Somatic Breath Therapy to be used in conjunction with talk therapy or coaching. This program is accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA).

The 2017 PCT will meet 5 times between September 2017 and February 2018 (20 training days total).

About the 2017 Practitioner Certification Training:

During our time together we will create A Culture of Loving Connection in order to establish safety for our selves, and effectiveness for our learning while we develop the skills and methodologies necessary for qualified, therapeutic facilitation.

Simultaneously, the practicum component of the training begins at the 3rd weekend. Students begin working with demo clients, supervised by POBI staff and are encouraged to begin integrating their new skills immediately.

Even though the emphasis of this training is professional, any comprehensive somatic training program requires full participation at the personal growth level. We strongly believe personal and professional development is very closely interwoven.

Practitioner Certification Training Intentions

  • Creation of a Sacred Circle of Empowerment for students and trainers within which we will establish a conscious Culture of Loving Connection.
  • Development of a Structure of Support (Self-practice, Buddy System and Trainer contact and supervision) within which to assist you with your exercises and facilitation practice during the program period.
  • Sharing of clearly defined intentions, agreements, teachings and exercises, (both during the training and as homework) and holding participants accountable to these through clear communications. These may include but are not limited to the following: Annotated self-sessions, professional sessions and sessions with others, assigned reading and homework; In-class demonstrations and hands-on practice with trainer review and supportive peer group feedback for the purpose of increasing confidence, skill, ease and proficiency in the delivery of breathwork facilitation.
  • Establishment of a supervision and resource network within the larger, national/global community for the purpose of offering and receiving support, guidance and continuing education for your development and interaction as practitioners.

Below are the Agreements we ask all participants to follow. Most of them are self-explanatory, and we review them during the first weekend. The trainings events will take place at the Broadwing Breath Center in Spofford, NH. For a nominal fee ($15 per night), you will be able to stay at the center – camping style – and enjoy the surrounding 26,000-acre wilderness setting.



Power of Breath Institute


1. Application
Your willingness to commit to the entire 20-day certification training, and to maintain self-responsibility and accountability to the trainers and the training group. A letter of Intent and Commitment (a 1-page document stating what your intention is for participating in this program) to fulfill the following agreements along with a non-refundable deposit of $450 is due before February 1, 2015 to assure your entry into the course. An interview and one private session with the POBI Director are also required.

2. Equivalency
Students who have not graduated from the POBI Empowerment training may apply for recognition of prior learning by completing the attached Equivalency Form. You must document a minimum of 200 hours in an appropriately related course of study and be able to demonstrate a long-term commitment to personal growth.

3. Financial agreement
Willingness to fulfill the financial requirement: Course Fee: $4100 due March 20, 2015 – includes:

  • 28 Training Days of small group instruction
  • Monthly group supervision call (1½-2 hrs.)
  • Lunch and snacks each day
  • Course materials, access to on-line documents
  • Eligibility for membership to the GPBA (Global Professional Breathwork Alliance).
  • Internationally recognized breathwork practitioner certificate.

4. Training Course agreements
• Self-responsibility for all experiences during the training.
• Confidentiality with regard to identifying information and/or experiences of other trainees, clients or trainers during the weekends.
• Willingness to respect the truth, integrity, physical and energetic space of each other and ourselves during the training period.
• Shared support in this through the co-creation of a safe environment as identified in the POBI document entitled: The Culture of Loving Connection.

5. Program Requirements
See Training Agreements Contract for details

6. Topics Covered in the training
• Introduction and intention setting for the PCT.
• Development of the energetic and personal practices that support this work and your evolution as an empowerment practitioner.
• Anatomy and Physiology of respiration as applied to breathwork; as well as the neurobiology of somatic therapy as applied to conscious connected breathing.
• Research and academic study of conscious breathing and breathwork techniques.
• Basic review of Breathwork Session Check List.
• The Flow of a Session – detailed discussions of the fundamentals of how to welcome a client, work with Intention and conduct a therapeutic breathwork session.
• Grounding Techniques (How to bring a client back to Present Time).
• Principles of Spiritual Empowerment, The Integrity of Intervention and The Empowerment Four Tendencies as models for how to support and help a person heal from the empowerment perspective.
• Resistance and Subconscious Defense Patterns/demonstrations – how to address and the ways we work with them (Intervention Techniques- Active and Integrative).
• How to use, discern and advance Guidance during your sessions, e.g. how to work with the relevancy and receptivity during a session.
• The Body-Mind-Story technique and exercise.
• The 3 levels of Somatic Breathing, and how to assess and effectively utilize body-oriented empowerment tools in long-term client relationships.
• Completion – in a session and in the therapeutic relationship.
• Personal & Professional Ethics of a Somatic Breath Practitioner.

  1. Integrity in the client-Practitioner relationship – how to negotiate and understand some of the common pitfalls of therapeutic intimacy and transference.
  2. Aspects of counseling: useful ideologies and tools that can initiate and enhance the session.

• The Business of Private Practice – how to set up/promote a sustainable practice.
• Working with groups – The Introductory Workshop.
• The Breathwork Community – networking with the world at large!
• PCT Certification Ceremony.
7. General Weekend Program Flow
• Re-connection Breath Session – at the start of every weekend.
• Month-in-Review program reports on what’s been happening.
• Teaching/Sharing Circles and discussions
• Observation & feedback of paired/facilitated breath sessions.
• Regular inquiry & observation of every student’s breathing pattern.
• Ongoing trainer review of facilitation technique, along with useful tips and methods of improving guidance, skill and confidence.
• Readings, poems and quotes.
• Required reading book reports and discussions.
• Integration and re-entry dialogues.
• Celebration of walking of the path of Heart as a breathwork/empowerment Practitioner!

* A list of what to bring and how to prepare for this training will be sent to each participant upon receipt of registration deposit and Letter of Commitment and Intent.


Power of Breath Institute
2015 Practitioner Certification Training

Agreements Contract
(there is a PDF version of this form below)

I _________________________, of: (address)_______________________

Agree to uphold and abide by to the below-listed personal, financial and program agreements and hereby request application to the 2015 Practitioner Certification Training:

  • I shall agree to the total financial commitment ($4100) whether or not I attend all the events.
  • Letter of Intent and Commitment (to the program agreements) to be received with the deposit before 03/01/15.
  • Completion and submission of a Prior Learning Equivalency form (as needed).
  • Documented (Using the POBI Breath Session Notes form, and submitted electronically) facilitation of demo clients: Facilitating a minimum of four (4) people through seven (7) breath sessions each before the final weekend of the training (minimum total of 28 sessions.
  • Obtainment of Practitioner Evaluation Forms from all demo breathers (as listed above).
  • Documented (Using POBI Breath Session Notes form) self-facilitated sessions (min. 45 minutes) – one per month during the entire course of the training (total of 12).
  • Maintenance of a buddy support system throughout the training, and three (3) breathwork exchanges with your buddy (Annotated using POBI Breath Session Notes form) before the last weekend of the training.
  • 8 professional breathwork sessions required during the course of the training year (do NOT require Breath Session Notes).
  • Completion of Required reading list (Starred (*) books on POBI Bibliography), and the willingness to report on at least one of these during the latter half of the training).
  • Willingness to participate in a group supervision teleconference and to participate in email/phone contact with the other training participants during the course of the training as needed. Details as follows:
  1. One monthly Group Supervision teleconference (1½ hrs.) during the training period.
  2. Please note – individual supervision calls shall be charged at $50/hr.
  • Completion of weekend Harvest Forms within one week following each of the trainings (total of 8), except for the final weekend.
  • Maintenance of a program transcript, tracking all your requirements to be submitted electronically before the end of the program.
  • Maintenance of a personal journal/diary and the writing of a Personal Journey Essay (approx. 1500 words), to be handed in before the last day of the training.
  • Final facilitation exam, You must facilitate a session with a demo breather at POBI(or submit a video session of you facilitating) for evaluation of basic facilitation competencies.
  • Completion of a written competency exam: To be completed during the final weekend.
  • Agreement to participate in the weekend activities, reviews, etc. according to the instructions of the Practitioners, not to exceed personal safety, integrity and self-responsibility.
  • Completion of all PCT requirements must be made within 6 months from the ending date.

Signed_________________________________________ Date: _______________

Please make your non-refundable deposit check of $450, payable to Power of Breath Institute and fill out the Credit Card/Payment Authorization Form below – and return this application agreement with your Letter of Intent to: Power of Breath Institute, 45 Stones Mill Rd., Spofford NH 03462

2015 Application Process:

Interview with Jeremy Youst, POBI director. Call 603.363.4331
Letter of Intent
Equivalency Form (if needed)
Agreements Contract print PDF, sign and return
$450 non refundable deposit

Mail to:
45 Stones Mill Rd
Spofford, NH 03462

Location and Accommodations:
All trainings are held in Southwestern NH at the Broadwing Breath Center
45 Stones Mill Rd., Spofford, NH 03462. Indoor/outdoor ‘camping style’ (bring your own bedding, sleeping bag, towels, etc.) is available for $15/night. For motel/B & B accommodations, see listing on our website under “Training Accommodations”.

For more information contact:
Jeremy Youst, 603.363.4331

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have Adboe Acrobat Reader