Somatic Breath Therapy delivers proven results in recovering from the trials of being human.

The Power to Heal – 1 day, Introductory Retreat


Experience the Power to Heal:

A Relaxing and Regenerative Retreat Experience For Busy People Who Crave Healing and Meaningful Connection- Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Do  you often feel like life is spinning out of control and you along with it? Does day-to-day stress exhaust you, and the feeling of inner peace elude you? Have you noticed how your time, space, financial and spiritual equity seem to erode more each day?

  • Come home to a safe, heart-space of interconnection
  • Feel nourished and healed in a supportive sharing circle
  • Engage in restful, renewing and deepening practices
  • Experience the power of breathing consciously together
  • Learn relaxation techniques for de-stressing
  • Seal your life’s intentions with a Sacred Pipe Ceremony

If so, come join us in the peaceful and beautiful ‘time-in’.
April 28, 2018
Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM
Spofford, NH

$125 includes vegetarian lunch

Agenda for the day:

Friends together

  • Introduction, Orientation and Intentions
  • Shared Agreements: Creating a safe, intentional space
  • Intro to Conscious Breathing – the Basics of Somatic Breath Healing
  • Breath Awareness Exercise – Basic Physiology of Respiration
  • Demo Breath Inquiry: Discovering your Body’s Breath Language
  • 5 Preparatory Palpations: How to feel an Open, Healthy Breath in your Body
  • Facilitated Breath Session – Experiencing the Power of Breath
  • The 3 Most Important Breath Exercises You Need
  • Completion: “What Would Love Do Now?”


Limited registration, claim your seat by clicking the link below:


Your Power to Heal Program is facilitated by Jeremy Youst assisted by Rachael Walter

Jeremy Youst is the founder and director of the Power of Breath Institute. With over 6000 sessions and 30 years of group work under his belt, Jeremy is a seasoned and expert professional who’s helped many people overcome stress, anxiety and recover from trauma using breath coaching and breath therapy.  He also utilizes heart centered ‘soul therapy’ to empower clients to reach their healing goals.  



Rachael is eager to share her joyful wholehearted approach to this transformative work with anyone desiring the freedom and space in their life to take a deep healing breath.  She is Certified in Somatic Breath Therapy and Somatic Breath Coaching.  She is an assistant trainer at POBI, sees clients individually in Southwestern NH, and runs small groups.  Rachael has a special interest in helping others to decrease stress, anxiety and the effects of trauma in their lives.