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Return to the Elements

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Return to the Elements

A 3-day outdoor experience with
Jeremy Youst and Jim Morningstar

July  12-14, 2016 

Tuesday afternoon 5 pm through Thursday afternoon 2 pm

Is it time for you to take a break and reconnect with the deep healing elements of nature?

Join us as we return to our essential nature, camping as a group for two nights on the earth. Fire, water, earth and air will become our friends; we shall engage in ceremony with teachings and purification rituals that will assist us in blending the joy of being in nature with the paths of our spiritual growth. The high energy of coming home to the safety of Mother Earth and the freedom of Father Sky is indescribable. We will expand our senses and nurture ourselves with grace, ease and pleasure – a total vacation for the body, mind and spirit. No outdoor expertise is required.

Location: Devils Lake State Park, WI

FEE: $325; Reviewer: $275 ($100 non refundable deposit required) for information and to register contact Jim Morningstar


jy2setpic1Jeremy Youst has been empowering individuals and groups through transformational journeys for over 30 years. In 2001 he co-founded The Power of Breath Institute and serves as a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance Advisory Board. Besides conducting empowerment and internationally recognized certification trainings, Jeremy maintains a private practice offering personal intensives as well as sacred ceremonies in Spofford, NH USA.



Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. is a seminar leader, psychotherapist, breathwork trainer, AND nature enthusiast. He has been the Director of Transformations and the Transformations Breathwork Training Program since 1990, and is the co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.